FANS((Federation of Asian Nutrition Societies)


FANS(Federation of Asian Nutrition Societies) have set their goals to foster international fellowship among nutrition scientists of the region and promote cooperative working arrangements particularly in the furtherance of nutrition research, training and action programs.

Apart from that, they encourage the exchange of information and experiences in nutrition research, training and action programs among the member countries, particularly through the periodic holding of Asian Congress of Nutrition.

FANS also actively act as a liaison between the member countries and the International Union of Nutritional Sciences as well as the appropriate United Nations Agencies.

IUNS(International Union Of Nutritional Sciences)


The Objectives of the International Union of Nutritional Sciences are to promote advancement in nutrition science, research and development through international cooperation at the global level. Apart from that, they encourage communication and collaboration among nutrition scientists as well as to disseminate information in nutritional sciences through modern communication technology.

IUNS features contemporary global nutrition issues, such as:

  • The Global Challenge of Obesity and the International Obesity Task Force
  • The nature and determinants of child development and their implications for programmatic interventions with young children

The IUNS also embraces global nutrition agenda to address:

  • Food and nutrition problems in developing countries
  • Food safety training for nutritionists



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