My 60-years-old mother is having Diabetes, can you explain why these is happening to her ? My mother is 60 years old, she is diabetic and she has hypertension as well. She always complain about pain in the join, numbness on both hands and both feet and lately she has been experiencing night cramp on both of her legs. She has been on medication for the past more than 10 years now. She goes for her appointment once in 4 months at the govt hospitals. Can please explain to me why all these things is happening to her?

I am afraid it is extremely difficult to give you advise on the internet, based on such minimal information you have provided. Furthermore, this is a site for nutrition advise, not medical advise. It is best to discuss her condition thoroughly with the doctors who are treating her. The doctor has to explain to you fully whatever they think is wrong with your mother. You also have a choice of seeking opinion from other doctors.