Please Advise Is There Any Health Drink For Diabetic or Heart Patients? In Malaysia, the food products sold in the market contains high amount of sugars. Need less to say, high sugarg is not very good. But there is no choice. In Japan I could buy a fizzy drink having only 19 cal in a bottle. In other countries Milo is being sold without sugar and one can add sugar as per taste or requirement. At first I will like that your kind of organisation should advise to the govt for taking steps for promotion of food products with less or no sugar. Secondly please advise any health product/powder which can be mixed in milk by a diabetic or heart pataient. Pure malt is good, but the products available in the market all contain sugar. thanks.

Thanks for your suggestion. Indeed, we are already working with the Ministry of Health in promoting less sugar consumption. But the most important thing is the total amount of sugar and other foods that contain calories that are consumed in a whole day. It is also of extreme importance to increase physical activity to use up the calories consumed. There is no special health food or product that is good for diabetic or heart patients. These patients can also consume “normal” foods, according to the food guide pyramid. Individual dietary counselling will have to be carried out with a dietitian.