Qualifications As A Dietetian In Malaysia ? Hai, I am currently a student in University of Nebraska at Omaha in the United States. I am from Malaysia. My major is Nutrition Science and I am graduating in May 2002. My question is if I want to be dietitian in a hospital, what kind of requirement do I need? For example, do I need any working experience or take a professional examination? Could you please give more information about the qualifications as a dietetian in Malaysia to work in a hospital? I do hope that I can work in Malaysia after I graduated. Thank you!

You are addressing the question to the wrong organisation. We are the Nutrition Society of Malaysia !! Not dietitians. I do know however that with just a nutrition science degree, you may not practice as a dietitian in Malaysia. But do find out from the correct people: the Malaysian Dietitian’s Association. You are however welcome to join us a nutritionists ! You can be our member.