What’s The Different Either I Persued My Studies In Singapore Polytechnic (Food Science and Nutrition) Or Applied Local University? I’m a ordinary girl from a village, my ambition was to became a Nutrition. That was a problem if i didn’t known about the relavant career after my graduate. Whenever i graduated my studies, is it posible for me to apply to became the NSM member? What’s the different either i persued my studies in Singapore Polytechnic (Food Science and Nutrition) or applied local University? I just confused about the future (career) when i finished my graduate, what a pleasure to get your direct.

Yes, you can apply to be a NSM member when you graduate.Of course I would recommend to study locally, eg UKM or UPM. Another important point is that local universities give degrees in BSc Nutrition. It is better than B SC Food science and nutrition, if you want to be a nutritionists. I think you should get a chance to speak to a nutritionist and other professionals before you decide. It is very difficult to discuss over the e-mail like this.