Why Malaysian Recommended Fruits Intake Is Different? I noticed in your food pyramid that the “health tip” recommended taking fruits as dessert. I have read in many other nutrition publications that fruits ought to be taken either 1-1.5 hours before food intake or 1-1.5 hours after food intake to enable optimum absorption of the vitamins. Why this difference in opinion by Malaysian nutritionists?

Interesting point. Not from the fruits perspective, but rather from the point of “who is giving the nutrition information”. It is also not a question of Malaysian or other countries. Firstly, check the source of your information. Are these qualified nutritionists ? If yes, where are they attached to ? Are the authorities in nutrition, eg from the ministries of heatlh or world health organisation ? Our dietary guidelines are from the Ministry of Health Malaysia, the authoritive source of information on nutrition. If you also check the Ministry of Health of other countries, including the world health organsiation, you will see our recommendations is the same as theirs. We realise there are some schools of thought who have different views from the dietary guidelines from the health authorities of the world. These are the minority and we do not believe there is sufficient scientific basis for their recommendations. I would urge you to continue to follow nutrition advise from authoritative sources only.