The election of Fellows of NSM shall be in accordance with Rule 4(g) of the Nutrition Society of Malaysia:

(g) Fellow members shall be elected at a General Meeting, on the recommendation
of the Council for outstanding professional and meritorious contributions to the
field of nutritional sciences. Fellows of the Society will be entitled to use the
abbreviation, FNSM, after their names.

Members of the Nutrition Society of Malaysia may be nominated as Fellows of NSM by the members of the Council, Fellows of NSM and Life and Ordinary Members of NSM. Nomination of potential candidates should be made in writing to the NSM Council, at least 30 days before the General Meeting, accompanied by the completed CV form given in the next page.

Fellows of NSM are prestigious members of the Society and hence, the CV of potential
candidates will be carefully scrutinised by the Council in accordance with Rule 4(g) of the
Nutrition Society of Malaysia.

Upon acceptance by the Council, the potential candidate(s) shall be recommended for election as Fellows of NSM at a General Meeting. Copies of the CV of the candidates shall be circulated for consideration by members present at the General Meeting.

Download nomination form here